We both met back in 2014 when we were working together at a retail chain in New Zealand called 'The Warehouse'. Money was Abbey's supervisor, and at first we didn't get along so well, until we both started realising that was because of our underlying attraction towards each other, and Money finally plucked up enough courage to ask Abbey on a date (which of course she agreed to).
From even the first date, we knew it was true love, we both just felt this instant connection with one another, and knew that this was it! Something we had both never felt before, it was like constant butterflies when we were around one another. From there we continued to go on dates, and after about 6 months Money finally decided it was time to tell his family about Abbey. This was a hard transition, as no one in Money's family had married outside the culture before, so there was some friction for a while, until Money's family finally agreed to meet Abbey, and from that day forward we worked together to create a really solid relationship, and Money's parents completely accepted and loved Abbey as their own daughter. 

After two years of dating, Money and Abbey went on a trip to visit America, Singapore, and most importantly; Abbey's home in Scotland. Whilst in Scotland visiting family, Money proposed to Abbey on her grandparents wedding anniversary, and of course, she said YES! When we came back home, the wedding preparations began right away, as we decided to have a European wedding and a traditional Punjabi wedding, to make sure both cultures were represented. These weddings we had in December 2018, and they lasted for just over a week! It was the most magical time in our lives. 
We decided to upload all the footage of our weddings to Youtube for our overseas family to see, and once we did this the videos gained lots of popularity online, and people asked us to start doing vlogs! And the rest is history, we started vlogging for you all, and now our beautiful baby Singh is due in April 2020, we couldn't be more blessed.

We just want to sincerely thank every single one of you that has shown us so much love over this past year of being on Youtube, it truly means the world to us, and we couldn't be more grateful to have you all in our lives. 
Lots of love,

Money, Abbey, & Baby Singh